20 years of experience in the printing industry. Leading producers of flags and banners in Europe.
Digital printing specialists. Wide range of high quality products.

We print digitally to textiles, PVC and flatbed materials. Therefore, we have been able to introduce a wider range of modern display systems. We can now offer: roll-ups, pop-up walls and banners, tents, skydancers, aluminium frames, LED frames with in-built matrix panels.

We produce flags and banners of any shape or size, as well as high quality display systems and flatbeds to suit the specific needs of our customers. We offer a sophisticated range of effective and unique marketing materials which will help your clients to really stand out. Linea – leading producers of flags and banners in Europe.

Environmentally friendly, high-tech innovative printing solutions as well as, highly qualified and experienced staff of over 120 employees are key to our success. Our goal is to be the most innovative and leading printing company in the European market.


Our multilingual sales department offers complex customer support tailored to meet most demanding needs.


We have a dedicated team that receives your order electronically and provides continuous support throughout the production process, as well as a committed after sales service. We accept your artwork electronically and provide confirmations via email.


Afterwards we send the artwork electronically with very detailed finishing, sizes and names of the materials for your approval.


Thanks to the high-tech innovations, newest printing machines, and our employees’ experience, we make the most sophisticated products. In addition to this, we have deployed very effective checking procedures at each stage of our production process to provide you with the top quality products.


Carefully packed products are sent with the courier or designated transport across Europe.