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Leading manufacturer of flags, banners and display systems. The most recognized world-wide campaigns. High customer satisfaction.

The beginning of our printing experience dates to the 90’s, when LINEA specialized in producing screen printed flags. Along with the technological development, the profile of our company has changed. Purchase of first digital machines allowed us to develop quickly, improve the quality and expand the range of our products.

Nowadays, we have a large and modern machinery park, which allows industrial printing and meeting tight deadlines.

Our work is a combination of knowledge, experience and passion. We advise on technical and production issues and we make sure that each product leaves our factory meets our Clients’ expectations fully.

Sales Department

Communication with clients concerning product details, as well as production processes, is our priority. Sales team cooperates effectively by offering support and advice throughout the whole process.

Graphics Department

Our graphics team is a group of experts. They are precise, helpful and supportive with file preparation.

Production Department

Our team of well-organized and experienced staff is the key to complete your order in timely manner and to the highest standard.

Administration Department

Our administration department centralises all departments within the factory and administers them effectively.

Logistics Department

Quality is an important component as far as logistic services are concerned. Therefore, our clients may expect us to meet their requirements regarding safe, in-time, and at-place deliveries of ready-to-use products.


Protecting the environment includes counteracting the effects of pollution.

LINEA uses ecological, water-based dyes and keeps investing in new eco-friendly technologies.
LINEA uses ecological, water-based dyes and keeps investing in new eco-friendly technologies.

As a company digital printing on both textile fabrics and PVC, we segregate production waste. This is stored separately, for each type of material, in specially marked containers. This allows us to limit the amount of slowly degradable waste (difficult to decompose) and to reduce air and soil pollution.

All activities concerning environmental protection that LINEA undertakes are in accordance with legal European regulations.

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and high-tech machinery park

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